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Warehouse & Storage

Our warehousing services covered storage space include long as well as short term storage. We also facilitate local storage of storing items that you may not have room for, but don’t want to part with. If you are shifting to a foreign land may your goods arrive before you in these cases you can rest secure knowing that we safely store your items until you receive them.

Our Warehousing services include:

Incorporation/ Partition

Unloading materials from truck and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks.


Pipe handling and storage

Vehicle storage and handling

Freight Inspection

 Document verification

Inventory Control System

Customs Clearance & Payment of Taxes

Nationwide administration


Customers can follow Just In Time mechanisms and optimize their inventory levels with the help of our advanced warehouse management system and well trained staff.

All goods stored in our warehouses are secure against all possible unforeseen situation. The warehouses are equipped with cameras and 24/7 security.


So warehousing services helps in risk and wastage reduction also.

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